[Mailman-Users] Start of MTA/Sendmail;.py

Jim Ziobro list at ziobro.rochester.ny.us
Sat Dec 1 01:29:56 EST 2018

The MTA=Postfix creates a file: "/etc/mailman/aliases".  That file is in 
the format used by Postfix , Sendmail, Exim, etc. to form the mail 
interface into Mailman.  It looks like the intention was that Mailman 
would maintain that file along with edits by a human.  Is that 
functionality still useful?  The cost is a complex MTA/Postfix.py.

The only functionality I want out of Postfix.py is the ability to write 
out a complete aliases file like genaliases does.  Could someone do that 
for me?  I have not done any Python code.:-(

I propose two new config entries for MTA='Sendmail':


     NOTIFY_MAILER='sudo systemctl restart sendmail'

I see some support for virtual mail domains.  Can I now have two 
distinct and separate mailing lists like:

members at a.example.com

members at b.example.com

???  Or do virtual domains just keep the mailing list names outside the 
local-mail name space?

I have a script that I use locally to make virtual domains in Sendmail.  
It should make supporting virtual domains trivial.



P.S.: I appreciate Grant's comment that mm-handler minimizes changes to 
the MTA.  If you want to put mailman lists into the local mail domain 
then I think we still need the aliases route.

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