[Mailman-Users] Translation (Localization) of mail addresses?

Jim Ziobro list at ziobro.rochester.ny.us
Thu Dec 6 00:28:42 EST 2018

Are there any plans to support changing of mail interface addresses for 
other languages?

In MTA/Utils.py I find:
  ('admin', 'bounces', 'confirm', 'join', 'leave', 'owner', 'request', 
'subscribe', 'unsubscribe'):
  Should the Italian mail extensions be something like:
         gestire rimbalzi confermare aderire partire proprietario 
richiesta sottoscrivi annulla?

In the future could someone unsubscribe from terrier at dogs.us or 
terrier at cane.it with mail to:
     terrier-unsubscribe at dogs.us
     terrier-annulla at cane.it

Yes, I can do it in the mail system interface now but will Mailman ever 
want control over those mail addresses?  Some of the mail addresses are 
listed in the help messages for example.

Right now the above list is hardwired in places outside of Utils.py.  It 
would be cleaner if there was a documented way for me to get the list of 



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