[Mailman-Users] Stuck OutgoingRunner

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Feb 3 22:13:33 EST 2018

On 02/03/2018 01:03 AM, Sebastian Hagedorn wrote:
>> Did you look at the out queue, and if so was there a .bak file there.
>> This would be the entry currently being processed.
> I looked at the out queue, and there was no .bak file.

Interesting. That says that OutgoingRunner is not currently delivering a
message, but that is inconsistent with this:

>> Also, the TCP connection to the MTA being ESTABLISHED says the
>> OutgoingRunner has called SMTPDirect.process() and it in turn is
>> somewhere in its delivery loop of sending SMTP transactions.
>> Are there any clues in the MTA logs?
> I just found this in Mailman's smtp-failures log:
> Feb 01 14:28:49 2018 (1674) Low level smtp error: [Errno 111] Connection
> refused, msgid:
> <B51BA08829F27146A07699F58B941234A27397BF at EX10DAG2.intern.xxx>
> Feb 01 14:28:49 2018 (1674) delivery to xxx at uni-koeln.de failed with
> code -1: [Errno 111] Connection refused
> I can't prove it, but this time stamp seems to coincide with the moment
> the OutgoingRunner got stuck, based on the age of the queue files. The
> receiving SMTP server was under heavy load at that moment, so it is
> possible that it might have refused the connection.

Normally, that won't cause a problem like this. This occurs at a fairly
low level in SMTPDirect.py when Mailman is initiating a transaction with
the MTA to send to one or more recipients. The recipients will be marked
as "refused retryably" and OutgoingRunner will queue the message for
those recipients. in the retry queue to be retried

You can set SMTPLIB_DEBUG_LEVEL = 1 in mm_cfg.py to log copious smtplib
debugging info to Mailman's error log. Then the log will show the last
thing that was done before the hang.

> If this should happen again, what should we look for? Would a gdb
> backtrace be helpful?

It might be if you can find just where in the code it's hung. Also, I
didn't look carefully before, but in your OP, you show

> mailman   1663  0.0  0.0 233860  2204 ?        Ss   Jan16   0:00 
> /usr/bin/python2.7 /usr/lib/mailman/bin/mailmanctl -s -q start
> mailman   1677  0.1  0.9 295064 73284 ?        S    Jan16  35:35 
> /usr/bin/python2.7 /usr/lib/mailman/bin/qrunner --runner=OutgoingRunner:3:4 
> -s

The status of 'S' for OutgoingRunner is "uninterruptable sleep". This
means it's either called time.sleep for QRUNNER_SLEEP_TIME (default = 1
second) which is unlikely as it should wake up, or it's waiting for
response from something, most likely a response from the MTA.

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