[Mailman-Users] messages getting auto discarded

Jim Dory james at dorydesign.com
Fri Feb 16 14:09:38 EST 2018

I've gotten a ton of spam directed at our mailing list so I set up some
auto discard filters. Unfortunately I don't know regular expressions so may
have misconfigured - result is some seemingly valid messages getting
discarded (could be different reason than my filters).

A couple yesterday were from un-subscribed users. but usually I get a
bounce saying it is held for moderation.. though not in this case. I don't
always check the auto discard messages because of the number of them, but a
registered user sent an email that never showed up as a bounce (held for
moderation) or as accepted, so I assume it was auto discarded as well.

Here's my filter config for subject:

^Subject: .*Phentermine
^Subject: .*F\*ckbuddy
^Subject: .*H00kup
^Subject: .*InstaF\*ck
^Subject: .*Instacheat
^Subject: .*\(dating\)*
^Subject: .*Larisa
^Subject: .*Viagra
^Subject: .*on line*
^Subject: .*pills
^Subject: .*Cialis
^Subject: .*Yulia
^Subject: .*rewarded
^Subject: .*viagra
^Subject: .*Orgasm
^Subject: .*Russia
^Subject: .*my gentle sun*
^Subject: .*Good day to you*
^Subject: .*Do.not.write.me*
^Subject: .*Casino
^Subject: .*Your invoice*
^Subject: .*Re\:Hey*
^Subject: .*Ukraine
^Subject: .*Re\:You
^Subject: .*Wives
^Subject: .*PowerPack
^Subject: .*our.communication*
^Subject: .*easy.money*
^Subject: .*Live.Chat*
^Subject: .*Games.and.profits*
^Subject: .*new.message*
^Subject: .*\?\?\?\?*
^Subject: .*SuperDiscount
^Subject: .*Easily.Earn*
^Subject: .*help.you.earn*
^Subject: .*let\'s.chat*
^Subject: .*I.am.on\-line*
^Subject: .*Making.\$*
^Subject: .*\(on\-line.now\)
^Subject: .*Xenical
^Subject: .*cure.yourself
^Subject: .*celexa
^Subject: .*binary.options
^Subject: .*Re\:.don\'t
^Subject: .*effective.tabs
^Subject: .*ED\!
^Subject: .*lexapro
^Subject: .*big.deal\!
^Subject: .*your.vigor
^Subject: .*boner
^Subject: .*medications
^Subject: .*buy.meds
^Subject: .*lasting.erection
^Subject: .*RE\:.Pure
^Subject: .*pure.joy
^Subject: .*hey\!
^Subject: .*online.trade
^Subject: .*ED.remedy
^Subject: .*answer\!
^Subject: .*best.meds
^Subject: .*powerful.meds
^Subject: .*start.trading
^Subject: .*RE\:.Now
^Subject: .*RE\:.loan
^Subject: .*sex
^Subject: .*fantasies
^Subject: .*make.money
^Subject: .*your.depression
^Subject: .*antidepressant
^Subject: .*impotence
^Subject: .*anti.depression
^Subject: .*our.portal
^Subject: .*without.depression
^Subject: .*bright.life
^Subject: .*amorous

and legacy:
# Lines that *start* with a '#' are comments.
to: friend at public.com
message-id: relay.comanche.denmark.eu
from: list at listme.com
from: .*@uplinkpro.com

and email:

^[^@]+ at bcira\.com$
^[^@]+ at airablo\.com$
^[^@]+ at bfklaw\.com$
^[^@]+ at bettella\.com$
^[^@]+ at areallycool\.com$
^[^@]+ at aristo-tec\.com$
^[^@]+ at benallgood\.com$
^[^@]+ at al-meshkah\.com$
^[^@]+ at atoccs\.stream$
^[^@]+ at authors\.com$
^[^@]+ at aulson\.com$
^[^@]+ at atmyx\.bid$
^[^@]+ at airtecperforms\.com$
vmservice at nomekennelclub.com
^[^@]+ at .+\.loan$
^[^@]+ at .+\.stream$
^[^@]+ at .+\.trade$
^[^@]+ at .+\.bid$
^[^@]+ at .+\.cn$
^[^@]+ at postingmuscle\.com$
^[^@]+ at adirondack\.net$
^[^@]+ at bicycleexpertwitness\.com$
^[^@]+ at allpoetry\.com$
^[^@]+ at autecsafety\.com$
^[^@]+ at proshred\.com$
^[^@]+ at archangel-films\.com$
^[^@]+ at alansphotos\.com$
^[^@]+ at agoprofil\.com$
^[^@]+ at readytech\.com$
^[^@]+ at blakecarrington\.com$
^[^@]+ at bigcatcafe\.com$
^[^@]+ at biovectra\.com$
^[^@]+ at blueridgeknives\.com$
^[^@]+ at akarenga\.com$
^[^@]+ at appetez\.com$
^[^@]+ at angelaortiz\.com$
^[^@]+ at agridfencing\.com$
^[^@]+ at blumenstetter-bindesysteme\.com$
^[^@]+ at alienwebhost\.com$
^[^@]+ at barkingcafe\.com$
^[^@]+ at babynamegenie\.com$
^[^@]+ at bluechick\.com$
^[^@]+ at bienenstock\.com$
^[^@]+ at askwith\.com$
^[^@]+ at bespoke-fp\.com$
^[^@]+ at alcoa\.com$
^[^@]+ at fotolia\.com$
^[^@]+ at betsonenterprises\.com$
^[^@]+ at argentinosonline\.com$
^[^@]+ at adeptus\.com$
dgimmingan at gci.net
^[^@]+ at andover-healthcare\.com$
^[^@]+ at bearablemoments\.com$
^[^@]+ at avexnet\.com$
^[^@]+ at avidnano\.com$
^[^@]+ at amcarco\.com$
^[^@]+ at biyougeka-kensakuya\.com$
^[^@]+ at albawardi\.com$
^[^@]+ at barrao\.com$
^[^@]+ at affordableweddinggown\.com$
^[^@]+ at barshield\.com$
^[^@]+ at autographink\.com$
^[^@]+ at blankethealthinsurance\.com$
^[^@]+ at alfredojunior\.com$
^[^@]+ at marketingautomationtools\.org$
^[^@]+ at wexonex\.com$
^[^@]+ at bargedirect\.com$
^[^@]+ at blacktoastintolerance\.com$
^[^@]+ at bada-bing\.com$
^[^@]+ at africanews\.com$
^[^@]+ at marketplace\.amazon\.co\.uk$
^[^@]+ at blazingworld\.com$
^[^@]+ at csu\.edu$
^[^@]+ at artecollezione\.com$
^[^@]+ at billupsdesign\.com$
^[^@]+ at art4sale\.com$
^[^@]+ at bdwt\.com$
^[^@]+ at architechies\.com$
^[^@]+ at banklife\.comfe\.com$
^[^@]+ at aveek\.com$
^[^@]+ at adweek\.com$
^[^@]+ at allendistribution\.com$
^[^@]+ at 1800radiator\.com$
^[^@]+ at alarabiaco\.com$
^[^@]+ at boldconcepts\.com$
^[^@]+ at andersonvaluationgroup\.com$
^[^@]+ at armandbasi\.com$
^[^@]+ at arastra\.com$
^[^@]+ at arcticspassaskatoon\.com$
^[^@]+ at aubreynorris\.com$
^[^@]+ at bctc\-lb\.com$
^[^@]+ at alongtheway\.com$
^[^@]+ at espbs\.net$
^[^@]+ at allthingsdigital\.com$
^[^@]+ at adinfocenter\.com$
^[^@]+ at arabize\.com$
^[^@]+ at giesting\.com$
^[^@]+ at .+\.co\.nz$
^[^@]+ at morebusinesswithfacebook\.com$
^[^@]+ at .+\.de$
^[^@]+ at .+\.ru$
^[^@]+ at .+\.ca$
^parsons at nome\.net$

The subject on one discarded msg was (from unsubscribed user - just used
wrong email):

And another subject same situation:

Message sources didn't give me any clues, but I could provide one if it
would help.

thx, JD

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