[Mailman-Users] Privacy Filter Unusual Behavior

Chris PUCHALSKI chris.puchalski at raytheon.com
Wed Jan 3 09:57:47 EST 2018

It seems to happen in every case across a few lists tested.

In this particular list I am testing with there is just a single member, but I can add more to prove it impacts all if needed. We don't use archives, I was forced to break that feature some time back. Digests also not used. Basically we made an attempt to not retain any data after a message is delivered to members.

There is a reference to the message in post log and it does have the same message ID.

Chris P

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On 01/02/2018 12:26 PM, Chris PUCHALSKI wrote:
> The privacy settings with concern to the moderation of nonmembers we have been seeing something odd happening. We have nonmembers set to reject on a list but it appears messages still get through to the list recipients. But the sender also get the rejection notification. That is both confirmed in the vette logs as well as in actual practice with test emails.

Does this occur with all non-member posts or just occasionally?

Do all list members receive the message? Is it in the archives? If your list supports digests is the message added to the lists/LISTNAME/digest.mbox file and sent in the digest? Is the message logged in the 'post' log? If so, is the Message-ID: in the post log the same as the one in the vette log?

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