[Mailman-Users] Deleting pending.pck.tmp files

João Sá Marta samarta at ci.uc.pt
Thu Jan 18 09:19:53 EST 2018

Hi Mark,

Thank you for your information. I’ve been using Mailman since 2000. I also contributed to Portuguese translation some years ago.

Great software. I have about 500 mailing lists, and have done some integration with Mhonarch.

> This is the real Pending database. It's size is way too big. It contains
> the tokens for things like Subscruptions, Unsubscriptions, Held
> messages, etc waiting some kind of confirmation. Requests older than
> PENDING_REQUEST_LIFE (default 3 days) are expunged so it's hard to
> imagine why it is that big.

I guess that’s caused by spam. Looked at my httpd logs and I’ve found  a site ( http://www.skyju.cc/mailhzj.html <http://www.skyju.cc/mailhzj.html>) that is a spam bomber and it sends subscription requests to 500 mailman lists spreaded all over the world. 

Just look at the page source of http://www.skyju.cc/mailhzj.html <http://www.skyju.cc/mailhzj.html>. One of my mailing lists is listed there.
There’s the code of that page that sends a subscription request to one of my mailing lists
:document.write(“<iframe frameborder=‘0’ src=‘http://ml.ci.uc.pt/mailman/subscribe/archport?email="+spam_id+"&fullname=&pw=123456789&pw-conf=123456789&language=en&digest=0&email-button=Subscribe' width='0' height='0'></iframe>");

I am going to put some apache rewrite rules to prevent this, but I don’t know if this is the best way to prevent that kind of spam.

Please let me know if you have a better way to deal with this spam.

Thanks again,

João Maria Montezuma Carvalho de Sá Marta
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