[Mailman-Users] Photos from Macs getting removed by list server

Peter Shute pshute at nuw.org.au
Sun Jan 21 03:13:13 EST 2018

We’re finding that messages sent to our list by Mac users are having jpg attachments removed. I assume this is something to do with the list being plain text only, and the email format created by the mail program Macs use.

We’re also finding that if ipad/iphone users send emails with photos, the list lets the photos through, but iPad/iphone users can’t see them, causing them to assume they’ve been stripped off.

Evidence for these symptoms is partly anecdotal, so might not be exactly right. It’s hard to get information from users about exactly which device and which program they used to create the emails. Has anyone else seen the same things? Is there any easy fix for them?

Peter Shute

Sent from my iPad

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