[Mailman-Users] Photos from Macs getting removed by list server

Stephen J. Turnbull turnbull.stephen.fw at u.tsukuba.ac.jp
Mon Jan 22 02:52:15 EST 2018

Peter Shute writes:

 > Evidence for these symptoms is partly anecdotal, so might not be
 > exactly right. It’s hard to get information from users about
 > exactly which device and which program they used to create the
 > emails. Has anyone else seen the same things? Is there any easy fix
 > for them?

If you have access to the host or perhaps through the web interface to
the archives, you can get the "mbox" files.  This is typically in
/var/lib/mailman/archives/private/LIST.mbox/LIST.mbox, where LIST is
the mailbox name (the posting address) for the list.  These contain
full messages, including attachments.

You can read these with a text editor or pager, and should be able to
find the original messages that cause problems.  There will often
be a User-Agent: or X-Mailer: header field which describes the mail
program that composed the message.

There are a number of unusual aspects to mail with Apple devices, I
believe primarily when using Apple's Mail program, and I know that
it's finicky about reading mail.  Specifically, as other replies
mentioned, they like to embed non-text media in HTML rather than
attach them to the mail.  Other than that I can't say much.  It would
help to see examples of failing messages, both in the LIST.mbox format
and as saved in the YEAR-MONTH.txt files (which you can find below
"public" next to the "private" folder, or in the "private" folder for
private lists).

Feel free to either redact identifying information or send any example
messages to me or Mark or both at our personal addresses.  What's
important to solving the problems are the message and part headers,
and the HTML structure.  It's also helpful if the attachments are

If any of the above makes no sense, feel free to ask for more explicit
instructions.  This stuff is tedious, and Mark and I not only wasted
our youth but much of our adult life learning it.  We wouldn't impose
that on you! :-)


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