[Mailman-Users] Reply-to options not working

Jordan Brown mailman at jordan.maileater.net
Wed Jan 24 22:22:09 EST 2018

On 1/24/2018 12:50 AM, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
> I think there's an obvious algorithm for "smart single reply":
> 1.  If there is a Reply-To, address the message to Reply-To.
> 2.  Else if there is a List-Post, address the message to List-Post.
> 3.  Else address the message to From.  (If there's no From, the
>     message violates the most basic RFCs so all bets are off.)
> Assuming that no lists munge Reply-To, I think you'll agree that this
> is what you want 90% of the time (conservative estimate).  There are
> some issues with this algorithm in practice:

If a message had only List-Post and From, that wouldn't get the result
that I would want.  I would want Reply to go to the author.  As a list
member, I consider it an absolute requirement that Reply go to the
author and only to the author; I boycott any list that directs Reply to
the list.  (I've dropped off the "staff" list for an event I was
participating in for this reason.)

I want "Reply" to go to the author, and "Reply All" to go to the author,
the list, and any other To or CC destinations.  I simply can't
understand any other answer.  I don't understand why anybody feels a
need for "Reply List".

How that translates into headers that the mailing list software
generates, shrug.  Yes, the mailing list software could always force in
a Reply-To: <author> to get the semantics that I want, but why should it
add that noise?  Or the mailing list software could omit List-Post,
which I suppose would be fine too (since I don't understand why you
would want it).

Before DMARC munging, I could have (mis)configured my MUA to ignore
Reply-To and mostly gotten the right semantics even on an evil
Reply-To:<list> list.  With DMARC munging that's no longer an option; I
need Reply-To: <author> on DMARC-munged lists.

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