[Mailman-Users] Reply-to options not working

Chip Davis chip at aresti.com
Mon Jan 29 12:14:29 EST 2018

I am loathe to weigh in on this architectural design discussion, but 
it seems to ignore the PEBCAK effect.

I admin about a dozen _discussion_ Mailman lists as a mitzvah for 
various organizations I'm fond of, none of which are well-populated 
with computer scientists.  Exhibit A is the number of subscribers who 
have free email accounts at Yahoo, AOL, or bellsouth.net (who 
subcontracts their email processing to Yahoo).

I have a constant problem with well-meaning, but essentially ignorant, 
email users who, upon seeing a "Reply To:" field in their MUA's setup 
screen, dutifully fill it in with their email address.  Then they 
complain that even though they "replied to the list", their email went 
only to the poster.

That's why I have to "first_strip_reply_to", and it appears, will 
still have to do so in your new paradigm, Stephen.  You can't defeat 
ignorance, only battle it to a bloody draw.

I've been doing this for years, and it seems that the proliferation of 
POS (not "point-of-sale") cellphone email clients has made things 
exponentially worse.  They are more concerned with adding a button to 
to automatically order whatever is in highlighted text from Amazon, 
than with RFC's.


On 1/28/2018 11:43 PM, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
> Jordan Brown writes:
>   > I want "Reply" to go to the author, and "Reply All" to go to the author,
>   > the list, and any other To or CC destinations.  I simply can't
>   > understand any other answer.  I don't understand why anybody feels a
>   > need for "Reply List".
> Your preference is noted, but you are definitely in a minority of
> those whose opinions I've seen over the decades.  Even those who use
> Reply and Reply All as you do (I do on this list, for example),
> usually have considered it suboptimal.  The preferences of list owners
> also should be respected, to the extent that replying users don't
> care.  The prevalence of reply-to-munging says that they (or perhaps a
> majority of their subscribers) want replies to automatically go to the
> list.
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