[Mailman-Users] Can the following be done and as an option contractors available to do it?

Steven Jones steven.jones at vuw.ac.nz
Thu Jul 12 18:16:54 EDT 2018

Hi We have a requirement to move 301 lists (minus defunct lists) on a RHEL6 server and want to migrate to RHEL7 and change our domain name at the same time.

Our users email addresses would also need changing from the old domain to the new domain.

Moving archives, we would like to move these if possible.

We also want to run on https and use something like failtoban to reduce bruteforce attacks we are suffering from.

>From what I can read in theory most of this if not all of it is quite possible to move lists?

and also this other work?

Finally assuming we dont have time or capability to do this in-house where do I go hunting for an external contractor who can do this and document the work in an "as-built" document.



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