[Mailman-Users] digest_send_periodic not sending digests daily when set to Yes

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Jul 19 13:16:16 EDT 2018

On 07/19/2018 07:25 AM, Scott Neader wrote:
> Hi all.  Running Mailman v2.1.26 on CentOS 6.  When the list
> has digest_send_periodic set to Yes, and a size of 100kb, users are seeing
> digests with upwards of a week's worth of mail, if the list has been
> quiet.  i.e. it seems to be respecting the 100kb limit, but not
> the digest_send_periodic setting as Yes (to send the digest daily, no
> matter the size.)  I've confirmed that the senddigests cron runs every day
> at Noon.
> Any ideas on other things to check?

What exactly is the senddigests command run by cron?

Is it being run as the Mailman user? I.e. is it in Mailman's user
crontab or if in /etc/cron.d/ is the user field the Mailman user?

What happens if you run cron/senddigests manually as the Mailman user?

What's in Mailman's error log at noon or what gets posted to the site
lost at noon. I.e., if the cron is in Mailman's crontab and there's no
MAILTO= in the crontab, errors get mailed to the Mailman user and
normally this gets delivered to the site list.

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