[Mailman-Users] Mailman 2.x to 3.1.x Migration

Andrew Hodgson andrew at hodgson.io
Tue Jul 24 09:32:20 EDT 2018


This isn't a step by step guide or anything but just my experiences.

It is a 2 stage process:

- Import the list configuration (subscribers, list options etc);
- Import list archives.

Import list configuration using the command mailman import21.  This expects a .pck file to import and the list to which you want to import into.

Once done you can see the results by navigating to your Mailman instance and you can see the data about the list such as the creation date, number of posts and the members.  For some reason on my instance the last post date is still the last post from Mailman2, even though it has been running on Mailman3 for a month or so.

Import archives:
Use the command python manage.py hyperkitty_import to get the private mbox into your list.  I ran into 2 issues:

- If you have posts in the new archive on Mailman3 then you need to specify the earliest date you want to import into the archive as the command won't import anything older than the earliest date in the new archive.  If you run the command with the help option you can see the format required;
- There were older messages in the mbox without message-ids in the archive that failed to import.  I took the easy way out on this one and didn't import them.  In an archive with around 120,000 messages it rejected around 30 messages in all.

Hope this points you in the right direction,

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Hey All,

I haven't read anything on gitlab about whether or not this has been
finalized. Is there a migration process available?

I also read about scripting it but unfortunately I can't find any resources
on a way to do so. Can anyone provide me with a best-practices on how to

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