[Mailman-Users] Fail2ban on the Mailman web interface

Jim Popovitch jimpop at domainmail.org
Sun Jun 3 14:00:15 EDT 2018

On June 3, 2018 5:44:17 PM UTC, Henrique Fagundes <suporte at aprendendolinux.com> wrote:
>Where should I put this file?
>First I put it in "/ etc / mailman", and it did not work.

It's intended to be an example of modifications that can be made to Utils.py in order to get better logging.  If you look in the mischief log there should already be some errors related to failures.   I don't use fail2ban, but there should be examples in /etc/fail2ban/scripts.d (I think that's the dir) that you can modify to process /car/log/mailman/mischief.

-Jim P.

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