[Mailman-Users] Spam Subscriptions

Mark Dale mark at mailmanlists.net
Sun Jun 3 20:58:39 EDT 2018

> >> ^[0-9a-z.]{8,}\+[0-9a-z]{4,}@gmail\.com$
> > 
> > I'm getting errors with the above however it seems to do the job 
> > if I enclose it in quotes and remove the trailing $ - like so:
> > 
> > GLOBAL_BAN_LIST = ['^[0-9a-z.]{6,}\+[0-9a-z]{4,}@gmail\.com']

> What you have done is correct. I don't know why you would have needed to
> remove the '$'. Did you get an error and if so, what?.

I can't see why either, but with the '$' left in place, the 
Mailman Web UI displayed the error "Sorry, we hit a bug..."


> Also, it doesn't matter in this case because \+ and \. are not
> meaningful string metacharacters, but it never hurts to define them as
> raw strings like, e.g.,

Understood. Thanks.
> GLOBAL_BAN_LIST = [r'^[0-9a-z.]{8,}\+[0-9a-z]{4,}@gmail\.com$']

The 'r' that precedes the first quote - is that correct?



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