[Mailman-Users] mailman-2.1.26: `make install` fails

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Jun 5 16:17:33 EDT 2018

On 06/04/2018 05:31 PM, Brent Kearney wrote:
> Hello,
> When I run 'make install’ on mailman-2.1.26 (with python 2.7), I get a fatal error in the “misc” directory. The complete output is below.
> I notice that the "for p in   ; \” has an empty list of packages. Perhaps that for loop should be surrounded by a conditional checking that the $(PACKAGES) variable is non-empty?

What version of make do you have. It works fine for me with GNU Make 4.1.

Also, since Mailman 2.1.13, the settings for EMAILPKG, JACODECSPKG and
KOCODECSPKG and hence for PACKAGES are always empty if the underlying
Python on the system running configure has email>=2.5.8 and iso-2022-jp
and euc-kr codecs in its library which is true of Python since 2.4, and
this is the first I've heard of this issue.

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