[Mailman-Users] Cascading lists

Rubén Fernández Asensio enseikou at gmail.com
Wed Jun 6 16:49:30 EDT 2018

El 06/06/18 a les 18:42, Mark Sapiro ha escrit:
> The text is clear to me, but then I wrote it. What it says is there are
> 3 issues, bullet points 1, 2 and 3, and taking these in reverse order,
> i.e. point 3 first and then point 2 and finally point 1.

I'm a language teacher and you can have my professional assessment for 
free: it is a very unclear text.

There aren't three issues but 2: either sublist members can't post to 
the umbrella list, or the umbrella list can't post to the sublists. And 
you have to tell the reader how to know what's causing the second issue, 
if it can really be caused by two different settings.

Anyway these issues, and especially the second, just defeat the purpose 
of an umbrella list, which means the umbrella list is only half set up, 
because you're holding the reader in the middle of the procedure instead 
of going straight through it. Wy don't you just tell us step two instead 
of rambling about what happens if you only do step one?

> Why are the messages being rejected? Which of ther three bullet points
> applies?

Well, how am I supposed to know? The Wiki doesn't describe the symptoms 
for each of them, if they're supposed to look different at all. All I 
get is a notification from each list's "bounces" address that the 
message was automatically discarded.

> If it's point 1, scroll down to "The first issue can be hardest to deal
> with." and read that.
> If it's point 2, read the 4 paragraphs beginning with "The second issue
> is when ..."
> If it's point 3, add the posting address of the umbrella list to Privacy
> options...->Recipient filters->acceptable_aliases of each of the sub-lists.

What about putting them in their logical order?
Also, when you write "There are a few ways to deal with this" in the 
middle of what is supposed to be issue 2, you should disentangle that 
mess into clearly numbered paragraphs 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3.

> If you really don't have members of the sublists posting to the
> umbrella, point 1 and possibly point 2 don't apply.

I just added the umbrella's address to the "acceptable_aliases" of one 
of the sublists but they're both still discarding messages from the 

Seriously, if you give a title like "How do I set up an umbrella list?" 
to a wiki article, you'd better write it like a howto, with a step by 
step procedure like "if you want A, do either B and C or D and E", 
without getting distracted explaining the technical nitty-gritty of why 
you have to set this and this like that. Or get all that out of the way 
and into a footnote. On the other hand, you're too scarce on really 
necessary information: what's the "@Listname syntax" that might fix the 
second problem?

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