[Mailman-Users] Cascading lists

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Jun 6 17:31:53 EDT 2018

On 06/06/2018 01:49 PM, Rubén Fernández Asensio wrote:
> I'm a language teacher and you can have my professional assessment for
> free: it is a very unclear text.
> There aren't three issues but 2: either sublist members can't post to
> the umbrella list, or the umbrella list can't post to the sublists. And
> you have to tell the reader how to know what's causing the second issue,
> if it can really be caused by two different settings.

Thank you for your opinion. It is after all a wiki and if you look at
you'll see that the language actually predates any of my edits and
despite what I said earlier, I didn't write the parts that offend you.

Anyway, If you are willing to create an account on the wiki, I'll be
happy to give you write permission and you can update the page as you
see fit.

>> Why are the messages being rejected? Which of ther three bullet points
>> applies?
> Well, how am I supposed to know? The Wiki doesn't describe the symptoms
> for each of them, if they're supposed to look different at all. All I
> get is a notification from each list's "bounces" address that the
> message was automatically discarded.

Look in Mailman's vette log and see if that gives a reason. If not, do
the cautious thing one does when experimenting and change all the list
settings that are currently "Discard" to "Hold" and see why the messages
are held.

I suspect your issue is that the sublist(s) are discarding the message
from the umbrella because Privacy options... -> Sender filters ->
generic_nonmember_action is Discard and the post is not from a list
member. This is the second issue.

> On the other hand, you're too scarce on really
> necessary information: what's the "@Listname syntax" that might fix the
> second problem?

It is a way to reference all the members of a different list in a list's
*_these_nonmembers (accept_these_nonmembers in this case. Follow the
(Details for accept_these_nonmembers) link in the admin Privacy
options... -> Sender filters UI.

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