[Mailman-Users] Repeating Outgoing Messages

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sun Jun 10 19:40:31 EDT 2018

On 6/10/18 4:06 PM, Brian Carpenter wrote:
> There are no entries in the qfiles/retry folder. There are entries in the
> smtp-failure log. It seems the outgoing post is not being sent to the recips
> (8) listed in the transaction though the post is being sent to the rest of
> the list members. There are no log entries for those 8 in the exim_mainlog
> file which is the outgoing MTA but there are corresponding entries for the
> rest of the list members.

Yes, Exim logging does sometimes leave things to be desired.

> Here is what the entry in the smtp-failure log is
> showing:
> Jun 10 18:20:34 2018 (16020) Low level smtp error: Connection unexpectedly
> closed, msgid: <BECAFE5D-21EE-478C-B042-2EFA8A3244F1 at gmail.com>
> Jun 10 18:20:34 2018 (16020) delivery to *****@***** failed with code -1:
> Connection unexpectedly closed
> The last line is repeated for each address in the transaction.

And yet nothing in the exim log ...

> The transaction is being re-tried every 2-3 seconds.

This is the mystery. It is possibly a cPanel thing, but that seems not
too likely.

What should happen is after this failure, the message should be queued
in the retry queue to be retried at 15 minute intervals for 5 days and
then recorded as a bounce.

Why it isn't working like that here is the question.

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