[Mailman-Users] Changing Characters

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Jun 26 20:40:53 EDT 2018

On 6/26/18 5:03 PM, Richard Damon wrote:
> On 6/26/18 2:12 PM, David Andrews wrote:
>> I am running Mailman 2.1.26, cPanel. I had a message that I forwarded
>> to a list using Outlook 2010. It looked fine in Outlook, but when it
>> went to list all ' apostrophes were changed to ? question mark. What
>> causes this, and how can I prevent it.
>> Dave 
> The lists language is set to use a National Code page, and Outlook
> formatted the message to use a 'Smart Quote' that isn't part of that
> Code Page.

I'm not sure what's happening. Yes, Outlook represented the message in a
character set (code page) which wasn't compatible with the list's
language character set, probably us-ascii, but this should affect only
plain format digests and archives where the message is represented in
the list's character set. For individual messages sent to the list
members and MIME format digest, there should be no transliteration.

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