[Mailman-Users] Changing Characters

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Wed Jun 27 22:56:37 EDT 2018

At one time I changed some settings in Content Filtering, on all my 
lists.  It was quite a few versions ago, to solve some problem that I 
can't even remember.  I am still doing it, remove everything from 
filter these content types, I think. Would that do it, should I restore them?


At 12:25 AM 6/27/2018, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>On 6/26/18 8:09 PM, David Andrews wrote:
> > At 07:40 PM 6/26/2018, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> >>
> >> I'm not sure what's happening. Yes, Outlook represented the message in a
> >> character set (code page) which wasn't compatible with the list's
> >> language character set, probably us-ascii, but this should affect only
> >> plain format digests and archives where the message is represented in
> >> the list's character set. For individual messages sent to the list
> >> members and MIME format digest, there should be no transliteration.
> >
> > This wasn't in the digest, it was in a regular message.
>I suppose it's possible that an HTML message was converted to plain text
>by content filtering, but in order to say more, we'd need to see a
>complete raw message, preferably both as sent to the list and as
>received from the list.
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