[Mailman-Users] HELP! Just broke Mailman with a bogus list.

The Mailing List Server Admin List.Server.Admin at unh.edu
Thu Mar 8 09:22:36 EST 2018

Mark Sapiro recently wrote...

> I would be interested in knowing what's wrong and how it
> happened. Unfortunately, this issue probably prevents even
> running withlist on this list. I.e., Mailman's 'bin/withlist
> LISTNAME' will probably throw the same error.

It does.  I did try compiling the original configuration file I
used to create the list and there were no syntax errors.  But
then I would expect a config file with syntax errors not to be
accepted when creating a new list.

> To "fix" the problem just move the lists/LISTNAME directory
> containing the config.pck and perhaps a few other files out of
> the lists/ directory.

That worked and was my first instinct, but I didn't know if that
might cause other issues -- having a list directory that Mailman
was 'expecting' to suddenly be gone.  In any case, moving the
list's own subdirectory out of `~mailman/lists` directory got the
`list_lists` command line and `mailman/listinfo` web page working

So the good news is that it was definitely this new list that
threw a spanner into the machinery, and not some other mysterious

Thanks for the fix.  The files you requested are on the way.

                                   the UNH Mailing List Server Admins
                                   Bill Costa, Adjunct Admin
                                   (603) 862-3056

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