[Mailman-Users] How to remove "cc" of sender but retain "sender"?

Richard Johnson raj at mischievous.us
Thu Mar 8 19:22:27 EST 2018

Hi!  I hope this isn't just a matter of my not having searched enough!  I searched through all of the configuration I see, but didn't find a way to configure a mailing list to (1) set the "From" as the list address, while also (2) NOT including the sender in to any "CC" list, and instead including the sender in a "Sender" header.  Why do I want this?  I want all replies to go back to the list, but without any CC's going back to the sender, and while still retaining enough Sender information so that people can see from whom the message originated.

Maybe there's some better way or some good reason why I really don't want this?

(What I'm seeing is that some mail user agents will sometimes include the sender of the message to which they are replying as well as their own address into a "CC" list.  I'm hoping to avoid the duplicate messages, if possible.)


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