[Mailman-Users] Yahoo rejects

Jim Dory james at dorydesign.com
Fri Mar 16 17:15:50 EDT 2018

oops, I see in Andrews replay I didn't snip all the address....  shoot.

On Fri, Mar 16, 2018 at 1:11 PM, Andrew White, PhD <awhite at pdbti.org> wrote:

> We (pdbti.org) have been seeing an increase in rejects for yahoo users
> this week as well...
> At 12:57 PM 3/16/2018, Jim Dory wrote:
> Mostly an FYI but also curious if anyone else sees this. I'm constantly
> having problems with yahoo it seems but this time, for the last couple
> days, I've been seeing this message:
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: MAILER-DAEMON at yahoo.com
> To: nome-announce-bounces at nomekennelclub.com
> Cc:
> Bcc:
> Date:
> Subject: Delivery failure
> Message from yahoo.com.
> Unable to deliver message to the following address(es).
> <bsberr-snip at yahoo.com <bsberry9297 at yahoo.com>>:
> This user doesn't have a yahoo.com account (bsberr-snip at yahoo.com
> <bsberry9297 at yahoo.com>) [0]
> (I've snipped the address)
> I got this delivery failure on perhaps 30 yahoo users over the last couple
> days, and it is repeating. When I write to any of the users personally,
> they respond that - yes, they are still there.
> regards, Jim
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