[Mailman-Users] Sending domain does not exist but it actually does?

Jayson Smith jaybird at bluegrasspals.com
Thu Mar 22 19:47:25 EDT 2018


I checked my domain, and it turns out somehow my MX record got blown 
away. Also a while back I canceled No-Ip Plus managed DNS, thinking it 
was only used for dynamic DNS, but in the process I threw away my SPF 
record which I've now recreated after re-enabling Plus. Also lost my 
DKIM record which I've recreated. We'll see if that resolves anything.

Thanks for your pointers.


On 3/22/2018 2:48 PM, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> On 03/22/2018 11:14 AM, Jayson Smith wrote:
>> FYI the host in question is bluegrasspals.com. It does have an A record,
>> and its ip has proper reverse nslookup back to the domain. My host
>> supports IPV6 but I'm not using it for mail.
> That should be OK assuming as Dimitri Maziuk says you have
> "inet_protocols = ipv4" in your postfix config (or the
> equivalent for your MTA).
> However, I note the domain doesn't have an MX. That should be OK as it
> does have an A, but since plus.com is apparently misbehaving, we have no
> clue as to what they are looking at, and adding an MX may help.

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