[Mailman-Users] Mailman backend doesn't work after domain name conversion--help wanted

Nina Macdonald ahm at pixelloom.com
Tue Mar 27 14:59:26 EDT 2018

A couple of weeks ago, a website called uhills.org was split off from 
the listservs associated with the community.  A new company took over 
the web site and moved it to 1and1. Because we have over 10 years of 
archives, taking up a lot of space, I wanted to keep the listservs 
(primarily one, uhills at uhills.org) on my server at Liquid Web. I ended 
up getting a new domain name, unihills.org and changing the names of the 
4 listservs in multiple places to let them run on *uni*hills.org instead 
of uhills.org.  The listservs themselves are running: emails come in and 
go out, but the backend does not work properly.  I am getting an error 
with the wrong domain name in the error log fairly frequently, but yet I 
can't create additions to the error log; the errors look like this:

Mar 25 23:37:02 2018 (24709) error opening list: uhills_uhills.org ,

and I have been unable to track down where else the domain name needs to 
be changed or what actions generate the error message.  I am uncertain 
whether this is what is causing the following problems:

  * Search for member doesn't work
  * Changing checkboxes for members doesn't make any difference
  * Can't delete or approve held postings (they do self-delete after a
    couple of days)
  * The login for the private archives doesn't work

We are running cpanel on CentOS at Liquid Web.  I would appreciate advice.

Thank you,

Nina Macdonald
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