[Mailman-Users] Still having trouble with an email filter vis-a-vis Chinese crap.

Kenneth G. Gordon kgordon2006 at frontier.com
Sat May 5 17:05:09 EDT 2018

On 5 May 2018 at 13:20, Mark Sapiro wrote:

> > Subject =?utf-8?B?
> Do you really mean it doesn't contain the ':'?
I am reasonably sure that SOME do not, possibly those few which are getting through, but 
since you brought that up (although I DID suspect as much), I have not been able to check 
on the accuracy of my memory since so far this morning, I have had no more of them show 

> You could try
> ^Subject:?\s*=\?utf-8\?B\?
> which would match Subject followed by a colon or not and any amount of
> white space.

OK. That sounds perfect.

> What you have will match a line beginning with 'Subject: =?utf-b?B?'
> case insensitively, but only if there is a colon followed by exactly one
> space.

Ah. Makes sense.

> > I thought the escape character was the \, but maybe it is a / . ?
> It is '\'.

As I thought....from my years as a Unix SYSAD...but that was a long time ago. I'm 76 now.

> > I am, presently, not all that happy, although I have cut down the Chinese garbage by about 
> > 90% since I implemented other filters. There remains the 10% which is still very annoying.
> As has been mentioned before the above pattern will match any Subject:
> header which begins with a base-64 RFC 2047 encoded word with a utf-8
> encoding. This includes some non-english language subjects (more than
> just Chinese) and also some English language subjects that might begin
> with an emoji or other non-ascii symbol and doesn't include Chinese
> language subjects that might be encoded in gb-2312 or some other
> non-utf-8 encoding.
> This may work for you, but in general might discard a wanted post.

For the two forums I am managing, that is NOT a problem.

Thanks. You are (obviously) a real genius at this stuff with loads of experience.

Much appreciated.

Ken Gordon

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