[Mailman-Users] Private archive file not found

David Doonan dadoonan at mac.com
Mon May 7 11:58:47 EDT 2018

I manage a couple of dozen mailman lists, all of which are functioning correctly except for one.

When I go to the list archives, the following error message is displayed:
> Private archive file not found

Tried changing the settings Archive Yes to No to Yes.

Tried changing the settings from Private to Public to Private.

Error message still appears.

Exploring the server via SFTP, this troublesome list only has one folder, with a sub-folder called attachments.

The rest of the lists are set up correctly, with two folders, one with the name of the list and the second with the name of the list and .mbox as a suffix.

The troublesome list is not new; it was created a decade or more ago. Can’t believe that no has complained about the lack of archives.

Is there a solution other than to re-install?


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