[Mailman-Users] Possibly OT: GDPR and list servers

Julian H. Stacey jhs at berklix.com
Wed May 9 08:39:09 EDT 2018

Hi, Reference:
> From:		Andrew Hodgson <andrew at hodgson.io>
> Date:		Tue, 8 May 2018 17:22:12 +0000

Andrew Hodgson wrote:
> Hi,
> Has anyone in the EU come across the GDPR guidelines in the context of Mailman?  We are a charity and run Mailman as part of that with some high traffic email lists.  I am getting a lot of conflicting information regarding whether we can even continue to do this in the current climate, most of it coming from half baked documents or different people's opinion, so I wanted to put it out there to see if there is anything that the community may have that we can use or help with in a co-ordinated way.

The 88 page source:

Linked from:

GDPR seems the latest government imposed plague ** to consume
business time unpaid, along with VAT etc.  Bigger companies can
afford it, but for some small companies it's last nail in the coffin.

** Remember the ISO 9000 certification plague ?  When industry
threw out good equipment that wasn't ISO 9000; & even banks bored
us they too were ISO 9000 method compliant. 

I may put something like this at top of
  GDPR: 88 pages of PDF this unpaid admin has no time to read.
  Mail lists & web are run Free. You pay nothing. We are paid nothing.
  If you object Unsubscribe Yourself.

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