[Mailman-Users] new user

Phillip Waters muddy at muddys.org
Sat May 12 06:32:06 EDT 2018

I have three separate domains all hosted by the same company. I created 
a private mailing list for one of my domains as a test to try and see if 
it was something I could use. Turn out it is something I want to use. I 
deleted that list and tried to start over.
However, On the main page for Cpanel it shows the list is still there:

Mailing Lists 
1 / ∞

When in fact it isn't. I want to re-create that list with the same name, 
however, when I tried to create the list again I get the following 

Failed to create the mailing list “d4 at XXXXXX.org”: The requested mailing 
list address, “d4 at XXXXXX.org”, conflicts with the forwarder 
“d4 at XXXXXX.org <mailto:dist4 at gaafg.org> <mailto:dist4 at gaafg.org> 
<mailto:dist4 at gaafg.org>”. To create a mailing list named 
“d4 at XXXXXX.org”, you must first delete the forwarder that conflicts with 
that name. <mailto:dist4 at gaafg.org>

My problem is I can't find where it is being forwarded. Can someone help 
me figure out where my problem lies? No forwards are listed anywhere 
that I can see.

Thanks in advance,


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