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Julian H. Stacey jhs at berklix.com
Mon May 14 17:24:05 EDT 2018

Grant Taylor via Mailman-Users wrote:
... lots of good examples ... well done !

I too dont think any complainer should have the right to kill a
thread, just cos he/she wrote something they later wish to retract.
Killing a thread would be gross abuse of all other posters' rights,
& would invite worse abuse: anyone could write to a thread knowing
they could leverage it later to kill a whole thread.

My guess is GDPR (& later similar elsewhere) will probably have
been drafted by, & interpreted by mostly politicians & lawyers
clueless of our sort of mail lists, who will not have thought through
most nasty edge cases we could easily present. Most probably they
wont know more than nasty anonymous low grade abusive cases on
commercial [anti-]social web chat forums.

( As a crude test I'd expect most drafters to be top posters,
gratuitously breaking context, not our sort of list people.  (I only
know one lawyer professionaly, & typicaly he top posts, & thinks
tech style bottom posters weird & they should confirm to his Normal
standards, - never occurs to such `Normal' people that they are
un-educated, & are contravening Internet procedures techs evolved
for good reasons. )).

So no faith in GDPR or similar being anything other than drafted
by & interpreted by ignorant `Normal' people who will bring us
nothing but trouble, & who will seek to waste time of unpaid admins.

Hence my intent is to reduce the threat of time wasters as much as
pos.: to draft something that says all those who don't conform to
our norms are breaching the domains terms of unpaid service, & they lose
all rights to waste our time.  It wont be water- tight, but if it
reduces time wasters, it's sufficient.

Most unpaid volunteer admins aren't about to pay their own money
to get lawyers to write water tight clauses to protect us from
wasters, so I see no better option.

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