[Mailman-Users] Doubts with Mailman + DMARC + Option "Munge From"

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon May 21 13:01:14 EDT 2018

On 05/20/2018 07:13 AM, Henrique Fagundes wrote:
> Example: I have a list called "clubenaval" and I sent an email to the
> list. It appears like this: "Henrique Fagundes via clubenaval", as
> pictured in the link below:
> http://temporario2.aprendendolinux.com/from.png
> I'd like to remove that. I would like only the name of the sender to
> appear, in the case of the example, "Henrique Fagundes".

It is done the way it is in order to not confuse people as the actual
address in the From: header is the list posting address, not Henrique
Fagundes address. I.e., if the "via clubenaval" were removed, the
message would be

From: Henrique Fagundes <clubenaval at groupos.aprendendolinux.com>

making it appear as if <clubenaval at groupos.aprendendolinux.com> was
Henrique Fagundes actual email address.

That said, you can remove the via listname by applying the following
change to Mailman/Handlers/CookHeaders.py

> --- CookHeaders_2.1.20.py	2018-05-21 09:37:09.018765014 -0700
> +++ CookHeaders_2.1.20_new.py	2018-05-21 09:40:11.899778618 -0700
> @@ -148,7 +148,7 @@
>          # Remove domain from realname if it looks like an email address
>          realname = re.sub(r'@([^ .]+\.)+[^ .]+$', '---', realname)
>          change_header('From',
> -                      formataddr(('%s via %s' % (realname, mlist.real_name),
> +                      formataddr((realname,
>                                   mlist.GetListEmail())),
>                        mlist, msg, msgdata)
>      else:

Also, later versions of Mailman (>=2.1.22) will translate "via" to "por"
for pt_BR. (The i18n was added in 2.1.21, but the pt_BR message catalog
wasn't updated until 2.1.22)

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