[Mailman-Users] (2.1.26) Mailman CGI error!!! The Mailman CGI wrapper encountered a fatal error. This entry is being stored in your syslog: Cannot open wrapper configuration file: No such file or directory

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue May 29 17:27:55 EDT 2018

On 05/29/2018 12:16 PM, michaelof--- via Mailman-Users wrote:

> Maybe a silly question: for what (specific) "wrapper configuration file" mailman is searching for??

That's a Suse question. Standard GNU Mailman has no such message. Read
the Suse Mailman docs to see what they say about this.

> Any chance to get mailman's log more verbosive, temporarily?

No. Suse changed the wrapper and the message you got is it.

OK, I googled a bit and found

They patch out all the nice error messages and instead put in their own
stuff. The error in the subject means the file
/etc/mailman/mailman.cgi-gid doesn't exist. It should exist and if I
read the code correctly, contain the numeric GID of the web server.

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