[Mailman-Users] OT - Smart .forward replacement?

Jayson Smith jaybird at bluegrasspals.com
Sun Nov 25 00:17:38 EST 2018


I've been using .forward to forward Email from some user mailboxes to 
other addresses. Normally this works just fine, but a few weeks ago a 
situation happened which demonstrates how it can be an epic fail. I had 
a Mailman/DNS problem after upgrading a lot of packages. A message came 
in, Mailman couldn't properly look up the DMARC policy of the sending 
ISP, didn't munge the From: and sent the message on its way, and of 
course the message was from AOL, just about everybody rejected it, I 
woke up to fifty-five bounce reports…and all those bounce reports were 
also forwarded to an Email account on an Internet by telephone service, 
where deleting them was extremely slow.

What I'm looking for is possibly something that checks mailboxes from 
time to time, and forwards all incoming messages that meet certain 
parameters, taking care of DMARC difficulties along the way so the 
forwarded messages will be accepted by the remote servers. E.G. my mom 
uses that net by phone service, and would like to see Email which comes 
to her regular Email address, but doesn't want to spend time deleting 
Amazon order confirmations, Mailman moderation notices, and other 
routine, automated, or irrelevant messages. Does such a thing exist?

Thanks for any help,


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