[Mailman-Users] mm-handler v3

Jim Ziobro list at ziobro.rochester.ny.us
Wed Nov 28 16:39:46 EST 2018

I started with the 2008 version of mm-handler.  My original goal was to 
fix a couple of bugs: lower case conversion and forwarding mail to 
POSTMASTER.  But I rewrote it to remove stuff which will never get 
executed and remove other things which might cause future bugs.  
mm-handler went from 300 lines to 165 lines.  I have the source and a 


This simpler version can drop in where previous versions are used.

The v2 version optionally cut out the aliases: list-join and 
list-leave.  This was an attempt to reduce "backscatter."  However the 
v2 version left in the alias list-request so any backscatter caused by 
the other aliases could just as easily been created through the 
list-request alias.  Backscatter is something I am fuzzy about.

The v3 version by default will forward mail that does not match a list 
to the local mail system.  It could be used to support lists on top of 
an existing mail domain.

As I was working on this I came to understand more about how Mailman 
works.  I now realize that mm-handler would not be necessary if Mailman 
fully connected to Sendmail.  The Postfix connection looks very close.  
I'll take a crack at it.


Jim Ziobro

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