[Mailman-Users] Auto-populating lists from postfix virtual_aliases

3×5 Hi at 3x5.co
Wed Oct 17 15:21:47 EDT 2018


I have a client with an existing mail server that uses postfix. He wants 
to be able to occasionally mass-mail all the users in the 
virtual_aliases table. However, they need to be able to opt-out of these 
emails, like any other mailing list.

He also wants to be able to send to lists based on virtual domain. There 
are several domains in the virtual_domains table of the mail server, and 
he wants to be able to filter by one, and mail to everyone in 
virtual_aliases who hasn't opted out and whose domain matches the filter.

I know that it's possible to integrate Mailman with postfix, but I don't 
know if mailman can pull together lists in this way. Is it possible, or 
is mailman the wrong tool for this job?

Thanks for reading!

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