[Mailman-Users] reply_goes_to_list problem in 2.1.29

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Oct 20 13:52:10 EDT 2018

On 10/20/18 9:24 AM, David Gibbs wrote:
> On 10/20/18 11:17 AM, David Gibbs wrote:
>> I'm not seeing any errors in the logs.
> Well, I did just see an error ... not specifically related to the
> reply-to issue ... but probably related to another issue I'm seeing
> related to DMARC munging.
> I have dmarc_moderation_action set to "munge from", but the from address
> isn't getting munged for domains that have dmarc=reject (like a yahoo or
> sbcgobal address).
> The error I'm seeing is: Unable to retrieve data from
> https://publicsuffix.org/list/public_suffix_list.dat: <urlopen error (1,
> 'error:14077410:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:sslv3 alert
> handshake failure')>
> My Linux install is REALLY old ... so that might be related.  Any
> suggestions on a workaround?

You need to upgrade SSL on your server.

As far as the actual error is concerned, this shouldn't affect reply-to
munging. Also, it should only affect organizational domain processing.
What this means is, for example, for a domain like sub.yahoo.com, the
organizational domain is yahoo.com. This means that if sub.yahoo.com
doesn't publish a DMARC policy and mail is From: the sub.yahoo.com
domain we should look at the DMARC policy of the organizational domain,

The absence of the organizational domain data affects the lookup of
organizational domain, but is only an issue if the organizational domain
has more that two labels. I.e., this does not affect xxx.com, xxx.edu,
xxx.net, etc. type domains but does affect domains like xxx.co.uk and
many others.

Bottom line is I don't think this is affecting either your reply-to
munging or your DMARC mitigations. Is there anything about DMARC in
Mailman's vette log?

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