[Mailman-Users] mailman generated email

Bernie Cosell bernie at fantasyfarm.com
Mon Oct 22 07:20:18 EDT 2018

I'm corresponding with the sysops about those odd duplicated "pending 
moderator requests" messages and the sysops are claiming that mailman, itself, 
never sends messages, it only forwards them.   I know that's not true but I don't 
know enough about the mechanics of mailman to make a definitive reply.  His 
latest message

    With a discussion list, a message is not created by the list server.
    The list server accepts an email sent to the list address, which
    posts it for moderation approval, which then sends the email sent to
    that list to all subscribed users of that list. 

What's the definitive way to describe to him the [crontab?] mechanism that 
generates the overnight "pending moder requests" message that mailman 
generates.   He doesn't even understand that with the messages I forwarded to 
him for comparison were generated by mailman -- he just mentioned that each of 
the two pending requests was a real user-sent message [of course true] but 
doesn't see the forest [that that was mailman notification] for the trees [the two 
message currently pending].  ugh


            Bernie Cosell
       bernie at fantasyfarm.com
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