[Mailman-Users] User doesn't get added to mailinglist

Pascal Christen pascal.christen at hostpoint.ch
Thu Sep 20 04:54:33 EDT 2018


We have a problem since we updated from Mailman 2.1.27 -> 2.1.29
(FreeBSD). If we try to add an User on the Webgui "members/add" the Gui
says successfully added and in the logs we see this:

> logs/subscribe:Sep 20 10:04:59 2018 (20772) ugh_panteghini.ch: new
> shouldfail at pascalchristen.ch, admin mass sub

The user even get his confirmation mail with the password and link to
his account. But if he tries to log in it says he's not authorized:

> logs/mischief:Sep 20 10:09:48 2018 (33059) Login failure with private
> rosters: shouldfail at pascalchristen.ch from X.X.X.X

> logs/security:Sep 20 10:09:48 2018 (33059) Authorization failed
> (private): user=shouldfail at pascalchristen.ch: list=ugh_panteghini.ch:
> remote=X.X.X.X

And if I check it with the command line tool the user isn't added:

> ./list_members ugh_panteghini.ch
> ...
> shouldbeok at pascalchristen.ch
Sometimes we're able to add an user when we set the "Send notifications
about new registrations to the list owner?" to No. But it's like 50/50
if it works then or not.

Do you guys have any idea whats wrong?

Greetings Pascal

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