[Mailman-Users] can't approve/reject any messages

Ted Frohling ted at frohling.org
Fri Sep 21 14:27:27 EDT 2018

I have a couple of lists using mailman 2.1.20.  I recently updated the
web server software (apache 2) to redirect everything to HTTPS.  I did
something to break the approval process of messages, but can't find out
where I've made the mistake.  I've read, I think, all the available
documentation for using HTTPS with mailman.  I've looked at all the log
files for both apache and mailman, error, accesses, smtp, etc and can't
find any hint about what I've done wrong as nothing is showing up in
any of the logfiles.  When I use the admindb page for a list and click
on the accept radio and then click on the Submit All Data button, nothing

I've run check_perms as root and supplied the -f to fix any issues to no

If I view the page source all the form actions include https://...

So long story short, how can I find where the error is that is causing the
messages to continue to be unapproved and languish as held messages?



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