[Mailman-Users] User doesn't get added to mailinglist

Pascal Christen pascal.christen at hostpoint.ch
Sat Sep 22 10:41:33 EDT 2018


> What's in Mailman's subscribe log? Is there an unsubscription?
Nothing special. It just contains that the user got added my mass sub, nothing more. See my first mail on that topic where I pasted some log details

> The only other thing I can think of is some exception is thrown causing
> the updated list to not be saved, but that should be logged in the error
> log.
> What's in Mailman's bounce log? This should not happen, but possibly the
> notice to the owner is bouncing and this is causing the unsubscription?

Sadly there's nothing in these logs which match that time I subscribed the user. Will post all the logs I get when adding on Monday

Greeting Pascal

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