[Mailman-Users] User doesn't get added to mailinglist

Pascal Christen pascal.christen at hostpoint.ch
Tue Sep 25 03:55:01 EDT 2018


> When you upgraded, is it possible the older instance is still at least
> partially there in a different path.
You could be right. I got a bit deeper into this problem and I
discovered something: When I add an user with the mass subscription in
the GUI I see that the "testtest_pesc.xyz/config.pck" gets written with
the new user but half a second later it gets overwritten with the old
one. But at the moment I don't know why.

Our setup: 1 Mailman backend-Server (with all the qrunners - NFS mount
of /usr/local/mailman), 2 Webservers (NFS mount of /usr/local/mailman).
So all the systems are mounting the same Mailman data.

Do you have any ideas why this happens?

Greetings Pascal

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