[Mailman-Users] Spam / Email Spoofing Problem (SPF check possible?)

Valentin Schwarze donnerland at aol.com
Fri Apr 5 13:59:39 EDT 2019


I am the administrator of some mailman lists of the student self-administration of our university. We happend to have some spam issues on our mailman lists. These spammers were able to send emails on our lists through mail spoofing (only faking the From: field in the header is sufficient to get accepted). With a faked sender email adress, which was in accept_these_nonmembers of the list, they were to send spam mails on the lists.

Are there any settings that we as administrators of the list could change to end that behavior? For example, is it possible in any way, that Mailman only accepts emails that passed a SPF check? Or any other option to prevent email with forged sender adresses to be distributed through the mailman list?

It would be great, if someone knows a solution to that  problem!

PS: Used Mailman Version is 2.1.18

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