[Mailman-Users] archtoc and archtocnombox

Mark Dale mark at mailmanlists.net
Wed Apr 24 19:05:41 EDT 2019

> On 4/24/19 3:15 PM, Mark Dale wrote:

>> Small archives seem to use "archtoc.html" which has the link to download
>> the full raw archive (mbox).
>> Larger lists appear to use "archtocnombox.html" which is minus the link.
>> Is there a threshold (filesize) somewhere that determines which gets
>> used? or am I barking up the wrong tree completely?

On 25/4/19 8:31 am, Mark Sapiro wrote:

> This is controlled by the mm_cfg setting PUBLIC_MBOX. If it is True, the
> list's index.html file is built with archtoc.html and if False, with
> archtocnombox.html.
> If some lists have one and some the other it's because the PUBLIC_MBOX
> setting has been changed and those lists that reflect the prior setting
> haven't been posted to since the change.

Many thanks for the clarity Mark.


# When the archive is public, should Mailman also make the raw Unix mbox
file publically available?

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