[Mailman-Users] Automatic subscription based on e-mail subject

R. Diez rdiezmail-temp2 at yahoo.de
Fri Feb 1 03:30:54 EST 2019

> Except then you run into ethical issues and possible legal violations of
> emailing people who have not opted-n to receive the email.

This is becoming tiresome...

When you e-mail or subscribe to a mailing list, you are opting in to receive e-mail. If you participate in a topic/subject/thread, of course 
you expect to receive e-mails about those. That is what mailing lists are about. That should stand in court.

Mailman has a long page with settings like digest mode, stop delivery (holiday mode), and many, many more. Other communication platforms 
like Google Group allow you to manage subscriptions per topic. How about some new settings like this:

[ x ]  Automatically follow topics/subjects/threads I have participated in.

And a reset button for the unlikely emergency:

( Drop all automatic following for all threads )

> [...]
> you have to create an account so you can post.

This is mostly the case because of spam.

I never said that I oppose the subscription step. But that should be some kind of authentication and opt in disclaimer.

I am against that you must then read everything. Or nothing. Or manually create filters on your e-mail box. Or some other non-practical way 
that turn people off before coming by.

> And, as has been pointed out previously in this discussion, there is a
> difference between mailing lists and web forums or bulletin boards...

There is no such difference. It is all in your head. There are communication platforms that have both interfaces, e-mail and web. You can 
configure and use your mailing lists / forums / whatever in many ways. You can state your own policies in your own mailing lists. People 
participating in mailing lists do work in threads. That is how humans operate.

Other systems can do it. I understand that you do not want to implement it yourself in Mailman, but why oppose the idea?


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