[Mailman-Users] Wrong Indentation in MailMan archive (threads)

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Jan 8 15:16:49 EST 2019

On 1/8/19 2:03 AM, Kristin Solbakken wrote:
> Hi. We had some mails missing from the archive, so I ran ./bin/arch
> listname to update the archive. This fixed the missing mails part, but
> somehow must have messed up the indentation.

If you actually ran './bin/arch listname', the input was the cumulative
archives/private/listname.mbox/listname.mbox file. This is an issue
because you are processing messages that are already in the archive and
adding them again even though they don't appear because of duplicate
Message-IDs. This is what's screwing up your threading.

> All mails got indented three times, and it looks like none of them are
> connected to each other anymore.

Three is the maximum indent, otherwise they would be indented more.

If you look at the source of
<https://opm-project.org/pipermail/opm/2019-January/thread.html>, you
will see each index entry is preceded by an HTML comment

The first two of which are> <!--3
> <!--3 01546606492.2242-01546606492.2656-01546606492.3076-01546606492.3496-01546606492.3918-01546606492.4340-01546606492.4762-01546606492.4762-01546846679.4765- -->

The '3' is the thread depth and the long strings represent the threaded
messages. The pieces are '<time_stamp>.<sequence>-' every time stamp is
01546606492 which is Fri Jan  4 04:54:52 2019

The first message is actually 8 messages deep in the thread and the
second is threaded below it at a depth of 9.

You have multiple copies of the same message in the archive. Looking
only at the first of the above, the initial message in the thread is
followed by
<https://opm-project.org/pipermail/opm/2019-January/004762.html>, and
finally <https://opm-project.org/pipermail/opm/2019-January/004762.html>

This is all because of re-adding messages that are already in the archive.

The bottom line here is if you are going to process the entire
archives/private/listname.mbox/listname.mbox file, you need to run

./bin/arch --wipe listname

Running that should fix your archive. But the question is if that fixes
the "missing" messages, why are the messages in the listname.mbox file
but not in the pipermail archive.

What's in Mailman's error log and Mailman's qfiles/shunt directory to
explain that?

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