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> On 1/19/19 2:41 PM, Kenneth G. Gordon wrote:
> > Over the past several weeks, I have received many reports from Mailman
> concerning too
> > many bounces from certain subscribers who are normally very active on
> one of my forums.
> >
> > All of these "Bounce Action Notification"'s appear to be coming from
> a very few ISPs,
> > the big one being AOL, although also verizon.com is another one. In the
> past, gmail.com,
> > and hotmail.com have been a culprits.

I believe AOL and Verizon are under Yahoo now. All of them have DMARC
records that will cause bounces if you don't have your DMARC settings set
correctly. What do you have the "Action to take when anyone posts to the
list from a domain with a DMARC Reject/Quarantine Policy." setting set to on
the Privacy options --> Sender filters page?

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