[Mailman-Users] Anti Spam to stop list attacks

Jim Ziobro list at ziobro.rochester.ny.us
Mon Jan 21 02:28:49 EST 2019

I assume you are referring to random postings vs. an adversary targeting 
you specifically.

An internet-facing mail server has to have some anti-spam technology 
Email addresses out on public web pages will get hoovered up and added 
to spam lists.  The server will soon be hit by botnets from around the 
world.  By default Mailman lists the posting address of the mailing 
list.  Expect spam!

If you are being hit by spam then you should stop it before your server 
accepts the incoming mail.  Once mail is accepted on your system you 
have lost half the battle. Either discard unwanted posts or risk back 
scatter.  As you noted it takes work in Mailman to handle general spam.

May I suggest creating a web page with addresses to serve as a honeypot 
on your server.  Then you know everything sent to those addresses are 
junk.  I learned a lot by using that trick.

Jim Ziobro
On 1/19/2019 4:58 PM, Kenneth G. Gordon wrote:
> One of my forums has suddenly been inundated with posts to the list by non-subscribers,
> most of which seem to be coming from some homosexual list somewhere.
> These seem to be coming from every place in the world.
> I receive notices from Mailman every time I check my e-mail listing of 4 to a dozen
> non-subscribers attempting post to the forum, and I have to go to my admin database and
> remove and block each one.
> Is there some way to prevent these jerks from showing up in the database at all?
> Ken Gordon
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