[Mailman-Users] Manually treat certain domains as if they have restrictive DMARC policy

David Gibbs david at midrange.com
Mon Jan 28 14:54:21 EST 2019


I've got a number of subscribers who's email admins have set a policy such that, 
if a message is sent to them with their email address as the 'from' address, the 
message is rejected.

This is causing those peoples posts to bounce ... and, ultimately, they get 

Although the BEST course of action would be for the mail admin's to alter their 
spam filters or implement DMARC policies, that's a bit much to ask for.

To resolve this, I'm thinking of creating a flat file of domains that are 
causing this problem ... then modifying the _DMARCProhibited routine, in 
Utils.py, to read the flat file and treat domains found in that file as if they 
had a DMARC policy set to reject.

Do you think that will work ... or am I completely off base?  Perhaps there's 
already a mechanism in MM 2.1 that would do what I want (hopeful grin)?


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