[Mailman-Users] Manually treat certain domains as if they have restrictive DMARC policy

Christian F Buser luscheina at yahoo.de
Mon Jan 28 15:19:40 EST 2019

Hello David Gibbs via Mailman-Users. On Mon, 28 Jan 2019 13:54:21 -0600, you wrote:

> I've got a number of subscribers who's email admins have set a policy 
> such that, if a message is sent to them with their email address as 
> the 'from' address, the message is rejected.
> This is causing those peoples posts to bounce ... and, ultimately, 
> they get unsubscribed.

This mail server setup / filter is nonsense. I usually send a Bcc of all my messages to myself to "simulate" IMAP while using POP3. 

My simple "solution" would be:

- They should subscribe twice, with one address to receive the list mails, with the other to send their messages to the list. 
- They should set the "sending" mail address to "silent" (i.e. "no mail") 
- They should maybe use a mail program which allows to automatically reply from the other address if they want to reply to a list message. This would eliminate problems if they forget about it (what would be the case for me most of the time). 

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